Property Matters

Property disputes in India are often very complex and involve various laws including the local laws where the property is located hence the services of expert property dispute lawyers becomes very pertinent under these circumstances. Property dispute lawyers at Niti Nyaya are proficient and experienced to assist in complex disputes to ensure favorable outcomes in a less-time consuming manner. 

Our property dispute lawyers in India are experienced in providing resolution to an array of property related issues including but not limited to Real estate litigation, Inheritance disputes, Partition suits, Property rights, Landlord-tenant disputes, Property fraud, Encroachment disputes, Title disputes, Agricultural land disputes, Property inheritance, Property settlement and Land acquisition disputes. Our team of legal experts analyze each case so as to provide best solution to your property disputes in India.

With our experience in property law, we also guide our clients in the process of verification title, checking the revenue records, verifying the authenticity of the documents related to succession and inheritance, dealing with property of power of attorney holder, and/or checking of lien on the property through mortgage or pledge.  Known for its best property dispute lawyers in India, Niti Nyaya focuses entirely on client interest with cost effective measures, quick turnaround time and an ethical approach. Our legal advisors are also fully capable and competent to assist the NRIs in all legal matters pertaining to their properties in India. 

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