About The Firm

Late Shri Surinder Gandhi

The firm was founded on 18/04/2018 ie the Birth Anniversary of its patron i.e. Late Shri Surinder Gandhi. It was his vision of “Justice at Doorstep” which led to inception of the firm. He strongly believed that the change begins at the self and epitomised the same. Born to the family of Timber Merchant he wore many hats i.e. Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Businessman, Educationist, Social Scientist and Political Engineer. He graduated in Commerce from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce (S.R.C.C), University of Delhi where he was part of the basket ball team of the College before doing Chartered Accountancy where he got All India Rank 7. He is an alumnus of Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

His natural instinct of serving people and burning desire to bring change in the governance pulled him towards Politics where he proved his organisational skills and leadership qualities in making stalwarts like Late Shri Madan Lal Khurana, Prof Vijay Kumar Malhotra and Sh Vijay Goel to name a few. He was nominated as the Vice Chairman of Super Bazaar Co-operative under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs by the Central Government.

He was member of Governing Body of the Bhagini Nivedita College, University of Delhi & member of Telephone Advisory Committee (TAC), Ministry of Telecommunication.

Our Mission


Building On Our Expertise To Offer the Best in Legal Advisory & Litigation


Remaining Accessible for our Clients to address Queries or Urgent Legal Requirements


Exercising Die-Diligence In Our Actions To Ensure best possible outcomes

The first step in our strategy is to prevent a long, drawn-out litigation that drains your resources with an element of uncertainty.

Our preventive strategy allows us to assess each matter in the light of our client’s interests and take the best possible step forward. Unlike the conventional approach, we do not jump into litigation head-first with an intent to stretch the matter for a favourable outcome for any longer than what is absolutely essential.

How We Work

We Have A Simple Work Process


Initial Consultation


Understanding Context of the Matter


Formulating Legal Strategy


Taking Legal Action

Why choose Us

Clients' Success are our Priority, Each Time.

Our Values

We do not just provide legal expertise, we take a position and provide commercially savvy advice – we partner with our clients to deliver the best business solutions. We do this by knowing their industries, the trends and issues, and their competitors. We aim that interaction between our firm and client involves levels of professional integrity and trust in order to create a relationship that is both personal and professional.

Our Ethics

The prime motive revolving around any business is to reduce expenditure and increase revenue. For us, trust between the clients and the firm is of supreme importance for matters involving confidential business information. Niti Nyaya ensures delivery of commercially viable solutions as per the needs of client. Because we believe that mutual trust is the first step towards a successful relationship.

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